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About Us

Welcome to Michele Maurine.  I am pleased you have found your way here and am excited to share my story. 


My love affair with salt began several years ago.  I was building my practice as an intuitive counselor.  I was having issues absorbing energy from clients and clearing the energy from myself and the space I worked in.  I had learned about Redmond salt and was amazed at how well it worked on energy clearing.  It also helped my mood.  I could feel the anxiety leave each time I used a spray, salt or scrub. Redmond salt, in various forms is now just a part of my daily life, much like brushing my teeth! Clients started to ask about the spray because they felt the power of the salt.  I knew that I had an amazing line of products and knew that I needed to share them with the world.  

My husband, Jeff, my daughter Angelina and my son Liam have been very supportive of Maria Michele and it truly is a family business.  They are integral in research and development of all the products and are always willing to test something new.  Each one of them has seen positive benefits from various products:  allieviating skin issues, boosting immunity, relieving anxiety and stress and overall energy balance.  We have a hot tub that we call a Wellness Tub.  It is chemical free as we use a natural enzyme and Maria Michele salt and essentail oils to keep it clean.  Our family loves to soak in our tub and it is a wonderful way to get all the benefits of the salts and oils.


My goal is to help spread the benefits we've experienced, first hand,  with as many people as I can.  I want to help people create balance in their lives and I know that Maria Michele products can help achieve that.


Personal messages from Michele:


Michele - "This is the first winter that my fingertips haven't had splits; the difference is the scrubs.   I don't have a favorite salt because I use them according to how I am feeling that day.  There is no better remedy for a stressful day than a long soak in a nice, hot bath.  As an intuitive counselor I recommend our salts to many of my clients.  There has been a wonderful response to all the products.  My experience with myself and my clients is that these salts and scrubs impact the mind, body and soul.  "


Here's wishing you balance, peace and harmony.







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