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clean essential oil blend

Clean essential oil blend may be useful in releasing negative emotions that interfere with our healthy physical functions.  Regular use of this oil may help to create safe and trusting feelings towards others and ourselves.  When negativity is released emotionally, the physical body is better able to function properly.

Ingredients:  blue tansy, hinoki, lavender, lemon, geranium, sandalwood & ylang ylang

Suggested Uses:  This oil may be applied directly to the body, focusing over the liver, the bottom of the feet, or behind the ears.  It is pleasant when used in a bath or foot soak.  Add 1-2 drops in a foot soak and 1-3 drops for a full bath.

Disclaimer:  Maria Michele products may enhance healing and they should never be used in place of doctor prescribed medical treatment.  If you have any known sensitivities or allergies to specific oils or scents, please use with caution and test on a small area of your body before use.